Revised 10/21/2015
 SSPDataq3 version 3.20 and Photometry2 version 2.56-2.58 are contained in this update. However, if you use your current version of the Program Launcher, you will not be able to use the All Sky Calibration module. All other modules would be upgraded and available for use. I will send you the upgraded Program Launcher free of charge if you e-mail me and provide your license information: Name, Address and Serial Number. Installation would be just to copy over the existing token file with the new one provided.

If you are upgrading from SSPDataq3 version 3.18 or earlier, you would have to upgade to version 3.19 found below and then to 3.20. A new PPparms file (PPParms3.txt) is used for Photometry2. If you want to use the configuration data from your PPparms2 file, copy the first 29 lines of it and paste it into the first 29 lines of PPparms3.
Revised 11/5/2016
SSPDataq3 v 3.21
Data_Editor v 2.56
Extinction v2.56
SOE v2.56
Transformation v2.56
All_Sky v2.56
Reduction v2.58
ShowData v2.57
Updates for SSPDataq3 Johnson/Cousins & Sloan
Updates for SSPDataq3 Johnson/Cousins & Sloan
Updates for SSP4Dataq2